心华 (繁体中文:心華)是一个由YAMAHA Corporation开发并由Facio与Gynoid Co., Ltd. 于2015年2月发售的一个用于VOCALOID3的Vocaloid。

她在2017年9月更新到VOCALOID4引擎且发布了日语声库。她的中文声库由Gynoid Co., Ltd.开发,并由上海望城信息技术有限公司发行。

她的声源由台湾的声优王文儀 (Wáng Wényí)提供。[1]




她的名字写作繁体是"心華"(Xīn Huá),意味着“优雅的心”。还有一种解释是“花一般的心” as "" is also an old Template:Wp of "" and was known in ancient times as "the flower of a tree".[2] Another possible meaning of 華 is "Chinese / of Chinese descent", so when combined, her name would roughly translate to "Heart of Chinese descent" and utilizes the character, "华", in simplified Chinese.

Her Japanese name, "シンファ", is a representation of the Chinese pronunciation of her name.

It was later explained that her name derived from "桃之夭夭,灼灼其華", a line from the classic poem Tao Yao which translates to "The peach tree is young and elegant, brilliant are its flowers". Gynoid thought that a peach tree or blossom suited her cute concept and better represented the youth of a sixteen year old high school girl, thus she was given the name "Xin Hua". It was noted that they wanted the name to also fit the phrase "最美的風景是人心" ("the most beautiful scenery is the heart of people"). This is due to Taiwan being famous for its hospitality.[3]


Xin Hua's pink dress was created to represent cuteness and youth. Blue frilled trimmings line the skirt of her dress. Located on her abdomen are four knobs. Under her dress, she wears a basic Taiwanese high school uniform, making her outfit double layered.[4] One of her notable accessories includes a pink beret that is the same color as her dress. There is a black and blue checkered scarf tied around her neck. Matching checkered fabrics tied in a similar fashion to her scarf are found on her wrists over her cuffs. On her thighs are two black bands with blue waveforms printed on them. She has black, low-heeled boots with white soles covering past her calves

Her design for the V3 vocal bundled with the VOCALOID4 Editor for Cubase and her Japanese package utilize the same outfit as her normal V3 release but in a different color scheme. This was one of the conceptual color schemes VOFAN was testing for her.

Her VOCALOID4 outfit was designed by ZARD and is similar to the VOCALOID3 version with some significant changes. Her color scheme consists of purple, pink, blue, black, and white. Her yellow shirt from her VOCALOID3 design became white and frilly, and a black and blue ribbon is tied under the collar. She gained white gloves with black and blue ribbons tied at her wrists. She wears a black and blue choker rather than a scarf. Her dress received bows at the bottom front and the frills became less rounded and have sharper black and blue cuts. She is also holding a conductor's baton. According to Shanghai Wangcheng's article, her VOCALOID4 boxart themed around puzzles. ZARD wanted this to represent the idea of VOCALOID lovers using their own skills (puzzle pieces) to create and compose content.[5]


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In January 2016, an event based on her 5th demo, "LET ME SING FOR YOU", was launched. There were certain areas mentioned within the lyrics of the song and if people traveled to the places that were mentioned and took photos there, they have the opportunity to submit their photos by posting them on Facebook with the tag "V-XinHua". In return, they would receive a transportation card with VOFAN's signature.[6]

In January 2016, Xin Hua's pet bear, Xiao Hua, was introduced. Xin Hua and Xiao Hua received their own set of Template:Wp stickers.[7]

Xin Hua's VOCALOID3 and Japanese designs have official MMD models by Yamamoto.[8][9]

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  • Xin Hua is the first Chinese VOCALOID to have voice provider who was not from Mainland China. She was from Taiwan respectively.  The previous known Chinese VOCALOIDs that were released or revealed before her all had voice providers who originated from China.



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